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“One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” -Paulo Coelho

Surf. Write. Dance. Play. Explore. Learn. Listen. Feel. Be.

And maybe to do these things, you must be brave. And maybe to be brave you must feel a little fear. That’s ok, I’m learning. Feeling it all is being alive. Why would we want it any other way? Once we feel fear, we get to choose. And we can choose the opposite of fear, which is love. We can write our story and be all in. We can trust in sharing our truth. We can be authentic and alive. We can be love.

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I'm Love Designs.

Surfing in Flow.

“Say thank you before you get in the ocean. Say thank you while you surf. Say thank you when you get out. This makes surfing (and most things) better.” From All Our Waves are Water – Jaimal Yogis

Salt water cures everything…. Gratitude and Love for the ocean, where we can be present and playful and in flow. 🌊🔥❤️

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Ocean.

I’m Ocean. Reflecting on my summer of daily ocean inspiration….

🌊 One of my deepest passions is open water swimming. In the ocean, effort and exertion are balanced with surrender as I am embraced by salt water, fueling my every stroke. This dynamic force, the interplay of exhilaration and calm, is nothing short of magic.

🌊 The ocean unlocks an inspired freedom of infinite space, unquantifiable, and absorbing all the senses. I am free from the constraints of land, alive and dancing on intoxication in the present moment, with sensation and energy enveloping me as I fall further into complete lust for the ocean.

🌊The Ocean is a continuous reminder of the complexity of life- a constant shift and flow- a vast expression of awe and a space to be engaged in the present. One wave. One Ocean. Pure Bliss. Now.

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I'm Love Designs.

High Expectations.

Expectations, disappointment, goals, hard work, dreams, plans, success, risk, failure, vision, discipline, flow… these are words that came up in a Jess-Ned- over wine conversation last night. Hashing out the discrepancy between “Expectation is the root of all heartache” and “Success demands disciplined planning and high expectations of yourself”

Thoughts were still massaging my brain during my morning swim. Here is what my 3500 yards between two walls gave me…. For as long as I can remember, I have had high expectations; have been driven, disciplined, and striving; planning, setting goals, working hard, achieving. But, this left me always running… toward or from something. I didn’t want to surrender to stillness or calm. Even as I practiced yoga, I didn’t want the calm, the exhales, the flow, to guide me. I wanted what I thought was discipline and intensity. Because, to me, discipline meant success, and intensity kept me running so stillness couldn’t reveal buried pain.

Then I learned that flow is being present, and THAT is more intense than any intensity I had known. Stillness takes more discipline, more patience.

Then I had a moment. Ned was there. Surfing at sunrise, we jumped off our boards and floated. Together. The white water enveloped us, the waves took us in, fish literally jumped out of the water surrounding us, the rising sun beamed sparkles on the water. I told him, “this could be the best moment of my life”.

“No”, he said, “it can’t be.” But he didn’t know. He didn’t know the moment I labeled “best” one early morning surfing; that I felt a sensation and a presence that had been absent in my life to that point. Maybe glimpses of it, but never a complete contentment, an absence of expectation, a patience, an experience of not needing anything else in that moment; not running from stillness, not trying to get somewhere else. Just the full dimension of being here. Now. Living this moment.

So, where do we land in the vortex of planning and goal-setting and over-achieving and experiencing stillness for contentment in a moment? All I know is I continue to practice life with passion and intensity in each moment.

Because, each moment IS your life. ❤️

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I'm Love Designs.

Do small things with great love.

Do small things with great love.

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable through Love.” – Wim Hof

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