I'm Love Designs.

Choose Love Over Fear.

Be Love. Be Yourself. Be all in. Choose Love. Over fear.

Because time is finite. It is the one thing there is no negotiating. It is this moment; never another promised. So, if Being Love means being vulnerable, do that. If Being Love means being grateful, do that. If Being Love means taking a risk, do that. Being Love IS being alive. Do that. Be Love. ❤️

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I'm Love Designs.


“One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” -Paulo Coelho

Surf. Write. Dance. Play. Explore. Learn. Listen. Feel. Be.

And maybe to do these things, you must be brave. And maybe to be brave you must feel a little fear. That’s ok, I’m learning. Feeling it all is being alive. Why would we want it any other way? Once we feel fear, we get to choose. And we can choose the opposite of fear, which is love. We can write our story and be all in. We can trust in sharing our truth. We can be authentic and alive. We can be love.

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I'm Love Designs.

Last Words…

“The most important thing in life is LOVE.” …. last words of an iconic designer, just 40 years old. She died last month. She had money and houses and cars and half a million “followers”. She was beautiful and young and poised. She was a mom. She was a daughter.

She died.

That knocks the wind out of us. It seems unfair, unnatural, untimely. It is reality and it could be any one of us, at any time. Morbid? No. Love? Yes. Because that’s what she said. In her last breath. She wasn’t the first to tell us how it feels on the brink of having it all taken away. She won’t be the last of us to send out the reminder- that stuff we gather with our petty hands and tired minds, is not for us. It will not be rendered important. But Love. Love- where we all begin and we all end. Important.

Because none of us will make it out alive. So, maybe BE Love in the middle of the beginning and the end. Be love now.

Choosing Love. Allowing Love. Being Love. Important.

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I'm Love Designs.

Birthday Love.

Happy Birthday seems like a small sentiment for such an enormous heart. A bold and generous heart with 42 years of life experiences.

I have not known Ned the longest, but I know him today. And he lives today like he lives each day – with gratitude and love and smiles and laughter. He is strong and passionate, sensitive and genuine, kind and compassionate. He knows what is important in life and has patience and grit and authenticity in each moment.

I am beyond grateful that in all of time and space and humanity, our paths crossed. Grateful that we have shared adventures, that we see the small things as big things, that we choose love in each moment. I am grateful for every experience along his way that has made him such an inspiration to me and everyone who knows him.

Happy Birthday, Ned. All the love in all the ways. Today. This moment of love and life. You. ❤️

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I'm Love Designs.

Letting Someone In…

“There are some things you don’t know about yourself until you let someone into the most intimate places of your heart.” – Kiera Cass

What makes us human? What allows for growth? Connecting deeply with each other, vulnerable and unshielded. Cracking open our hearts just a little bit to let our light shine more, to discover more about the world and about ourselves; to re-examine beliefs and vision; to trust in our path. There is so much intimacy in opening, sharing, and understanding. ✨ learning and growing and shining… because this life is the only one we have. It will not last forever. Cherishing all the moments.

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